Hannibal Moussa

About Me

I'm Hannibal Moussa, the driving force behind HM Coaching LLC, and I'm here to share more than just a fitness journey—I'm here to share a transformation story born out of struggle, resilience, and the unwavering belief that we have the power to rewrite our narratives.

Growing up, I knew the challenges of being the bigger kid, the struggle with confidence, and the anxiety that came with every doctor's visit. My turning point came when I graduated college at 350 lbs, facing high blood pressure and a reliance on medication. I started my journey with a 50-lb weight loss through exercise and better eating, but it wasn't until I decided to take full control that things truly changed.

My personal transformation began with a commitment to a workout regimen and a shift in my relationship with food. In just one year, I shed another 100 lbs, gaining not only a healthier body but also a newfound confidence. What's most empowering? I freed myself from the shackles of medication for blood pressure control.

This journey led me to a profound realization—I wanted to use my experience to guide others on their paths to a healthier lifestyle. In 2021, I pursued certification as a Fitness Trainer through ISSA, armed with the knowledge and passion to help others uncover their true potential by combining nutritional science with fitness training.

What sets me apart? I'm not just a trainer; I'm someone who has walked this path, faced the same struggles, and emerged stronger. I understand the journey intimately, and I'm here to be more than a guide; I'm your ally in transformation. I believe in the power of setting goals, and I'm dedicated to being the support you need to achieve them. Let's embark on this journey together—because your transformation begins where mine found its roots.


Believe. Commit. Succeed.